Cluster Group 2015/2016

Cluster Group

In January 2016 Archbishop Cushley invited our parish to Galashiels to a Cluster Meeting of Neighbouring Border Parishes. At the meeting he outlined the problems facing the diocese in coming years and instructed each parish to participate in three cluster meetings. The frame work for these meetings is contained in the publication Cluster Parishes Together.

Click Here   Cluster Parishes Together Handbook 2016

Next Cluster Meeting:

Peebles January 17th 2017

 Cluster Meeting  Galashiels Tuesday 29th November 2016  7pm – Report to follow

       There have been two Parish Meetings to discuss and prepare for the Cluster Meetings.

           Click Here:      Archdiocesan Review of Parishes Meeting Notes  25.9.16


Click Here:   Parish Cluster Preparation Meeting  23.10.16



– Where do you see signs of spiritual vibrancy in your cluster parishes and how could                    these be strengthened?

– Where do you see signs of physical vibrancy in terms of such things as finances and                      buildings?

– What pastoral provision could be shared among your cluster parishes and what, in                        your considered opinion, would need to remain a single parish provision?

Parish Analysis 2015

In 2015 members of The P.P.C. conducted a review and consulted parishioners on their views about the parish of St Joseph’s, Peebles. In Autumn 2015 an analysis of the views was produced and issued to parishioners. (Copy Below)

Click Here    Parish Analysis Autumn 2015